Moving Forward

Sorry the post is a little later than usual this week, I’ve been otherwise distracted with very good things that have very little to do with filmmaking (i.e. my family flying halfway across the world to see me). As a result, today’s post will be a short update on what’s going on with the film.

A little bit of the backstory, for those not quite up to date.

I wrote a film for a competition last year. It got shortlisted in that competition and a producer friend of mine had a read of the script, loved it and wanted to make it. We developed the script on and off for a few months, moving toward pre-production when, due to various reasons, he had to pull out. That’s about where we’re at with it at the moment.

As you may also be aware, if you’re regular readers of the blog, I went to Chris Jones’ Guerilla Filmmakers’ Masterclass earlier this month. It was a cornucopia of low/micro/no-budget filmmaking tips and tricks with some great examples from filmmakers who made their own way from making no budget shorts to multi-million dollar feature films. It was also a mecca for people who got inspired to make projects over the course of the weekend, many of whom I had the great fortune to meet. Because ‘With A Little Help From Our Friends’ was in limbo, whenever anyone asked me what I was working on, I’d mention it and where I was at with it. As a result, I’ve had a few people put their hands up to help out.

So in a few weeks, a couple of us are getting together for a production meeting to discuss roles, how to tackle pre-production and where we go from here. I’m looking forward to it – it’s a pretty enthusiastic team of people which makes up for any particular lack of experience and I reckon once we start moving forward, the ball won’t stop rolling until the final film is locked.

I’m pretty excited that we’re still going ahead and I’ll have some pretty nice filmmaking posts for you guys on the horizon. It’ll also be really good to get another short under my belt because I haven’t made one in a couple of years.

Watch this space!

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