Swapping, Changing, Compromising – Locations

Taking a break from talking about auditions and casting (although we’re nearly done there, I promise!), I thought I’d let you guys know what’s been happening with organising locations. About a month ago, I blogged about how we had managed to find a location but were still locking in dates. After casting, one of the actors told me that he’d just been cast in a play and the weekend we were hoping to shoot – the last weekend in October – so we decided to see if we could get the location for the first weekend of November instead, otherwise we would have to consider re-casting him, depending on his availability.

We could.

With the first weekend of November ready and locked in, I started to look at schedules and how I’d run the shoot. As the film is essentially three conversations intercut, I’m going to figure out the best ways to shoot it when we get on location.

But then Jack got a call from the theatre we’re using as a location. A dance company wanted to hire the theatre for both days on the first week of November and there was no way we’d be able to shoot around them. The last weekend of October was still available though or we could look at the second week of November instead. I decided that it was going to be best if we went for the last weekend in October and I had a chat with Danny, the actor who I’d cast as Des to find out what times he’d be available and if he’d be happy to jump from shooting WALHFOF straight into his play.

He said that he was really excited to be on board and was happy to go straight from one to the other and gave me a rough idea of the times he’d be available. They allowed for a much larger scope than I’d thought, so I didn’t have to recast, which was a relief. I told Jack to lock in shooting for the final weekend in October with the theatre and now we’re really ready to steam roll ahead.

Now we just have to hope that no-one else comes along and wants to hire the theatre for that weekend as well.

Fingers crossed.

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