The Countdown: Two Days Until We Shoot

I believe that this is what is called ‘crunch time’.

The last few days have been busy trying to slot everything in place at the last minute, as you have to on a shoot. We’ve gotten our (not £200) harddrives delivered, I’m making lists of things that I need to have on set (pieces of costume, scripts, paperwork etc), updating call sheets at the last minute (yep, there’ll be another one sent out tonight, everyone!).

There are, of course, all those niggly little things that tend to crop up in the last few days before shooting (insurance, money, travel) which we’ve been sorting out over the last few days as well as catering, props and, the biggest one, was a swift addition of a short scene which helps the solidify the story. It means that we add two shots to our days, but they’re short and fast, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

The other thing is that the campaign is still going strong (16 days left!) and we’ve nearly hit $2000, which is STAGGERING. Thank you to everyone for your support! $2000 is our full budget (not including contingency), so if we could hit that (or get even more than that!), it would be absolutely amazing. If you haven’t had a look at the campaign yet, check it out here!

This is just a quick update to help me figure out where I am, so that you guys can share the slight chaos that is two days (a day and a half!) before the shoot. It includes slight concern over the soundie’s health, waking up at 2am and attempting to remember to organise a slate so we can actually sync the sound to the vision without wanting to kill ourselves in post and crossing fingers and toes that our Behind The Scenes extraordinaire will be able to make the shoot!

It’s incredibly exhilarating and I can’t wait until Saturday to see how everything’s come into place.

These are the days that remind me of how much I love making films! Utter chaos and last minute organisation, but it’s so ridiculously enjoyable!

And as one of my leads, Markus, said to me last week – ‘YAY FILM!’

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