Post Production – The Long and Winding Road

It seems like it’s been awhile since there’s been an update on the film, but rest assured there is progress. The editing process is taking a little longer than imagined, due to people getting sick, people travelling abroad for work, getting new eyes onto the project…

It’s now four months since we wrapped the shoot. Time did that thing where it sped up without me realising. But the film is in the hands of a new editor and I’m due to see a new cut next week which I am very much looking forward to. It needs a lot of work to really help the jokes shine out of it and ramp the pace up, but I’m positive that between Adam and I that we’ll be able to put something together really nicely.

The other element of post production that is unusual for ‘With A Little Help From Our Friends’ is the fact that we are having to organise and send out some of our crowd funding perks. The first ones went out a few weeks ago – if you contributed $50 or more to the film, you would receive a handmade thank you card from yours truly. I spent a creative and slightly sticky Saturday afternoon creating these:

And judging by the tweets, texts and comments on Facebook I got, they were a massive success. The personal touch was something that people seemed to really love and as no two cards were the same, it was a definite unique stamp that helped to signify their involvement in the film. I’m glad they were so well received as I really do appreciate everyone chipping in to help us out where they could.

I’ll have more news for your guys on the edit in the next fortnight once I’ve caught up with Adam and we’ll see where we’re at!

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