Our Backers

In November 2011, we ran a crowd-funding campaign raise some of the budget for With A Little Help From Our Friends,  a short film written and directed by Alli Parker, produced by Alli Parker, Craig Connolly and Jack Judd. It stars Markus Copeland, Danny Mahoney, Victoria Smith and Carolina Main and is a romantic comedy about two friends who are trying to convince their best friends not to date each other.

We hit our target in the first week and ended up raising the entire budget!

This list is of the lovely people who backed our film and supported us the whole way through.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to the completed campaign.

Our Friends:

+ Serge Fronckevic
+ Alex Curtis
+ Leon Ross

+ Sandy Nicholson
+ Grant McCall
+ EJ Mack
+ Eloise Loxton
+ Matthew Houghton
+ Henry Fosdike
+ Charlie Boddington-Weasley
+ Francesca De Luca
+ Dan Jennings
+ Lee Tomes
+ Dušan Roll
+ J Mockridge
+ Graham Inman
+ Brett Snelgrove
+ Sarah Meek

+ Natalie-Anne Downs (The Veni Vidi Theatre Company)
+ Kate M Green
+ Mathew Munro
+ Patrick Mark
+ Richard Leverton
+ UK Scriptwriters (Danny & Tim)
+ Teenie and Taro Russell
+ Alan McDonald
+ Andrew Stokes
+ Kristina Matthews
+ Peter Spencer
+ Matt Gray
+ Nick Boocock

+ Mark Tierney
+ Anton Russell
+ Stace Parker
+ Gareth Dodds
+ Nick Whitney
+ Dan Keating
+ Chris Hocking (LateNite Films)
+ Hayley Harrison
+ Megan Abikhair
+ Kelly Glover
+ Simon Mansfield
+ Kathryn Stirling
+ Simon Underwood

+ Mick & Carol Bourke
+ Townes Coates
+ David Cleeve
+ Haydn Woodward
+ Jason Home
+ Lisa & Nigel Haines

+ Joanne Hart-Parker
+ Pam & Terry Freeman
Contributors as at 11.08am, November 23rd 2011.

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