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There’s no-one better to read your script than Alli Parker.
– Simon Underwood (writer ‘Wolf Blood’, BBC)

If you’re interested in getting another pair of eyes on your project, see below for my script reading packages. I’ve read scripts for writers and filmmakers all over the world – Australia, United Kingdom, America, New Zealand, even Bahrain – in all sorts of formats and lengths – short films, feature films, sketches, treatments, documentary – and would love to help you out with yours.

If you would like to know more about my work as a script editor, please get in touch so we can talk about your needs.

Below are the script reading services I provide. Please contact me for a quote.

in-depth consultation

My most popular service. A extensive 5-10 page breakdown of your script, covering story, structure, characters, strengths and weaknesses, working toward helping make your script and story the strongest it can possibly be.

overview notes

This is for any script of any genre or format, up to 120 pages long. I’ll provide you with a logline of your piece plus a 1-2 page breakdown of the script, covering the basic strengths and weaknesses, plus brief notes of character, structure and story.

short film/sketches notes

Price is page dependent
Each short film is unique and writing them can be a different process than writing longer form projects. For 1-20 page scripts, I’ll write up a logline as well as a 3-5 page breakdown of your short, covering the strengths and weaknesses, characters, structure and story.
Or send me up to five sketches per package and I’ll give you a similar rundown as above (although usually more focused on the structure of the joke) for all five.

treatment notes

Send me your treatment and I’ll send you some notes! This will be a 2-3 page breakdown of your treatment, covering structure, character and story, to help strengthen these elements before you type ‘FADE IN’.

There’s no-one better to read your script than Alli Parker. If you want someone to turn on a high-intensity beam and analyse what you’ve got, be prepared. From weakness in dialogue to structure issues, to plain old-fashioned typos, she’ll hit them all like a laser, letting you know what needs work, what needs killing, and, importantly, what the strengths of your work are and what you need to focus on to make your script the best it can be. My feedback on a Red Planet entry was comprehensive and delivered in a friendly, helpful, and constructive way. If you think your screenplay might need work, what it actually needs is Alli Parker. – Simon Underwood, writer

Not only was Alli incredibly quick at getting back to me but she clearly understood the point of every sketch and made brilliant observations for each one, offering some great advice which turned one fairly average sketch into the strongest of the bunch. I look forward to using her script reading services again. Highly recommended. – Anton Russell, writer

Getting someone to read your script is hard enough, but the thought and effort you put into your notes is very much appreciated, they’ve definitely improved the story and given me a fresh perspectiveGrant McCall, writer

Alli was wonderful in giving me clear, concise feedback on my short script, pinning down exactly what needed attention and offering ideas to help me along. I wouldn’t hesitate in getting her to read my script in the future, knowing I’d get great, considered and balanced feedback and constructive criticism that will only make it stronger. – Oli Lewington, writer and producer

Huge thanks for getting back to me so quickly – Your notes are excellent and very helpful. I was pretty much stuck knowing it wasn’t working but with no idea of why or how to proceed. A professional external viewpoint is incredibly valuable. – Graham Inman, writer and producer

Charge more…because you are awesome.– Pete Wells, producer 

I sent my script out to half a dozen film makers and writers for feedback. Allison’s notes were by far the best. She absolutely understood where I was heading with my script and was able to provide useful suggestions to improve it. – Monty Burgess, writer

Alli Parker gives great script advice – genuinely constructive criticism as well as lots of fresh ideas really helped me with my second draft. Highly recommended. – Mark Webster, writer

Awesome Alli recently bailed me out of a stuck script on a tight deadline with a 24 hour turnaround. Her notes were precise, illuminating, encouraging and she immediately identified the obvious solution staring me – quite unnoticed – in the face. All win! – Adele Kirby, writer

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