Special Announcement – You Heard It Here First!

Fridays are pretty good days and I think today is especially so because today I’m making (as you may have guessed) a Special Announcement!

This Special Announcement is that I am now offering Script Reading Services! Check out the page for all the information and breakdowns of the packages if you’re interested.

To celebrate the launch of my fantabulous script reading services, I’ve offering five completely free reads of short scripts, sketches or the first ten pages of your feature script. COMPLETELY FREE. If I had a set of steak knives, I’d throw it in too. But I don’t. I’m a writer. I sold them to buy a new moleskine notebook.

So express your interest here through the contact page and if you’re one of the first five, I’ll get in touch and we can talk all about your script! Even if you’re not one of the first five, have a squizz at my packages and hopefully I can help you make your script even stronger!

One thought on “Special Announcement – You Heard It Here First!

  1. faisaliqbalkhan says:

    I would really like that, but i have actually finished my film and already sent the blog of it to you and you really liked it too. I’m Satisfied. ‘http://txtingfilm.wordpress.com Was my Short film

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