Jack Irish: Series Three (ABC)
Episode 2 – co-written with Andrew Anastasios
When a series of brazen killings strike close to home, Jack and the team reunite for one final case that will bring Jack back to where it all began.

Secret Bridesmaids’ Business (Channel 7)
Episode 4 – co-written with Chelsea Cassio
A woman’s perfect wedding takes a dark turn when one of her bridesmaids inadvertently brings a malevolent stranger into their lives, opening the door to the hidden world of their intimate secrets.

Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries: Series One (Channel 7)
Episode 4 – co-written with Jo Martino
Peregrine Fisher sets out to become a private detective under guidance of The Adventuresses’ Club, following in the footsteps of her missing aunt as she solves crimes in 1960s Melbourne.